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About Us

Established since 2006, Australian Corporate Software aims to distribute and support high quality software systems in Australia and New Zealand by continually keeping abreast of the latest trends within the market and constantly searching for better ways to improve our service. This ensures that our products are regularly updated, therefore keeping us ahead and increasing our clients’ competitive advantage.
We are dedicated to providing the latest software and solutions in the following areas:
Quality assurance in Education, Health and Corporate – as sole distributors of the EvaSys Survey Suite in Australia and New Zealand, we provide tools that enable all organisations in these sectors to monitor and manage the quality of their education programmes.
eForm Suite for HP TeleForm – PDF+ Forms² and HTML Plus Forms² products that form eForm Suite takes over where TeleForm leaves off. This simple to use product provides a quick, simple route to e-forms for users that are already using TeleForm. Existing forms can be exported simply from any TeleForm product (TeleForm eForm option not required) and built in functions and scripting tools enable users to create complex fully functional PDF documents for distribution.